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Fraternal Order of Police

Austin Lodge 49

12407 N. Mopac
Ste. 250 Box 386
Austin TX 78758

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Fraternal Order of Police have a Legal Defense Plan?
The Austin Lodge is a member of the Texas FOP Labor Council who offers a legal plan.

2. What Life Insurance Benefit does the Texas FOP offer its members?
The Texas State Lodge offers all members Life Insurance, Accidental Death, and Line of Duty Benefits. The Texas State Lodge also provides its members with a vision care plan.

3. How does the Texas Fraternal Order of Police raise money?
The state lodge conducts a fundraising by telephone solicitation. Austin Lodge gains money from Donations as well as fundraisers conducted by the Lodge.

4. Where does this money go?
Monies raised by the Texas FOP go to various places. The funds raised are used as operating capital, Scholarship Programs, and legislative matters to improve working conditions for police officers in Texas.  

5. Is the FOP affiliated with any Labor Unions AFL / CIO?
NO. The Fraternal Order of Police has no labor union affiliations. The Fraternal Order of Police is first and foremost a fraternal organization for the benefit of it members. A number of agencies in Texas use their local FOP lodge as a bargaining unit.

6. Does this mean the state officers will sit at the bargaining table with the local lodges?
No. The State Lodge will assist you in preparing for the bargaining session, but it will not be at the bargaining session. Why? Because the state lodge does not know your city council or county board members.

7. Can we join the FOP as a fraternal organization and then decide to use the FOP as our bargaining unit at a later date?
Yes. The officers from your department will act as the bargaining unit, and can call upon the state to offer assistance in your efforts.

8. If we already belong to a bargaining unit and what to change and go with the FOP as a bargaining unit, can we change with no loss of contract benefits?
Yes you can. All you have to do is notify the entity you are bargaining with that you want to change your bargaining unit to the FOP.

9. Can I or any member of my department be fired for joining the FOP? 
No. Joining the FOP is no different than joining CLEAT or TMPA.